Wholesale For WooCommerce Nulled v2.2.4 (WPExperts) GPL Free

When operating an online store, managing retail and wholesale customers can be challenging. WooCommerce, as a versatile e-commerce platform, can be extended to manage wholesale operations, and that’s where plugins like “Wholesale For WooCommerce Nulled” by WpExperts come into play. Let’s dive deeper into this specific plugin.

What is Wholesale For WooCommerce GPL by WpExperts?

Wholesale For WooCommerce GPL is a premium plugin developed by WpExperts, designed to facilitate and manage wholesale operations seamlessly within a WooCommerce store. It provides store owners the tools needed to set wholesale prices, manage wholesale users, and handle other aspects of B2B sales, all without having to run a separate store.

Key Features:

  1. Wholesale Pricing: Set specific wholesale prices for products, either globally or on a per-product basis.
  2. Wholesale User Roles: Create specific user roles for wholesale customers, allowing for tailored experiences and pricing structures.
  3. Minimum Purchase Requirements: Set minimum purchase amounts or quantities for wholesale buyers to qualify for wholesale pricing.
  4. Tax Control: Handle taxes differently for wholesale transactions if required, including tax exemptions.
  5. Hide Retail for Wholesalers: Configure the store so wholesale users only see wholesale prices and not regular retail prices.
  6. Product Visibility Control: Choose which products are visible to wholesale users, retail users, or both.
  7. Request a Quote: Allows wholesalers to request a custom quote for products, especially beneficial for bulk orders.

Benefits of Wholesale For WooCommerce Free Download by WpExperts:

  • Unified Management: Manage both retail and wholesale operations from a single WooCommerce installation, simplifying store management.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By tailoring the shopping experience for wholesale users, you can ensure smoother interactions and transactions.
  • Flexible Pricing Structures: Offer special pricing, discounts, or promotions exclusively for your B2B customers.
  • Streamlined B2B Sales: With tools like ‘Request a Quote’ and minimum purchase requirements, B2B sales processes become more efficient.
  • Increased Revenue: By catering to both B2C and B2B markets effectively, you can tap into a broader revenue base.


For WooCommerce store owners aiming to cater to both retail and wholesale markets without the hassle of managing two separate platforms, “Wholesale For WooCommerce free download” by WpExperts is a compelling solution. With its wide array of features tailored for B2B operations and seamless integration with WooCommerce, this plugin can significantly enhance wholesale management and boost overall business performance. Given the growing importance of B2B e-commerce, tools like this are becoming essential for modern online stores.

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