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  • Create Date September 17, 2023
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Download CheckoutWC v8.2.13

Version 8.2.13 - 2023.09.16

  • Hotfix - Fix potential JavaScript error

Version 8.2.12 - 2023.09.16

  • Hotfix - Fix bug that caused the Square gift card form to load even when the feature is disabled.

Version 8.2.11 - 2023.09.15

  • New - Added new REST API endpoint for pickup locations. Documentation is here.
  • New - Add new filters for controlling whether a gateway is selected by default. This allows compliance with Finnish laws. Documentation is here.
  • New - Expanded after checkout submit order bump capabilities. You can now have as any active after checkout bumps as you would like. This also includes a separate new setting for limiting how many after checkout bumps are allowed to display.
  • Improved - Automatically detect solid custom cart icon SVGs and apply the correct styling.
  • Improved - Added better support for Local Pickup Plus. Forcefully adds the Local Pickup Plus adhoc option as a pickup method. This means for most customers you likely don't need to specify any local pickup methods in settings.
  • Improved - Email value is now trimmed of extra spaces after input
  • Fix - Add styling fix for WooCommerce Payments express buttons
  • Fix - Fix for Woodmart lazy loading feature. Disables feature on the checkout page.
  • Fix - Don’t let Elementor override the thank you page / order summary if the option to use the thank you template is enabled
  • Fix - Fix bug that caused the shipping total not to update when switching between pickup and delivery.
  • Fix - If pickup is selected, suppress Smarty address validation check
  • Fix - Disable next tab button during updates. This prevents incongruous states when switching between Delivery and Pickup.
  • Fix - Added native support for Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce store credits block. Fixes missing store credits notice with Advanced Coupons 4.5.7
  • Fix - Added native support for Square's gift card feature. Outputs under promo code in cart summary side bar.
  • Fix - Fix for Klarna Payments bug where the gateway div was partially visible.
  • Fix - Fix false positive Smarty address suggestions by filtering out empty keys in original address and the address returned from Smarty before comparison
  • Dev - Add cfw_permissioned_init hook for running stuff in an enabled context but hooking it from a compatibility class pre_init
  • Dev - Add debug logging to output of smarty ajax handler
  • Dev - Removed unused class
  • Dev - Updated tested version numbers